Most of Chicago is disgusted by Green Bay’s Super Bowl run, but the owners of Will’s Northwoods Inn in Lakeview are reaping vast rewards as a small group of die-hard fans are already lining up to get their choice of highly contested tables at the infamous Packers’ bar for the Super Bowl even though it doesn’t happen for more than four days.

“We’ve been coming to Will’s for Packers games for years,” said one of the transplanted fans who goes only by “Schmitty.” “It’s just like watching a game back home in Wisconsin. They let me pee in the bushes out back and after the NFC Championship win we even roasted a celebratory ‘possum just like when I was growing up in Muskego.”

Schmitty began huddling outside Will’s Tuesday afternoon and hunkered down prior to the highly anticipated snowstorm that wound up dropping nearly two feet of snow in some areas. It might be difficult for him to stay warm given that he’s currently shirtless.

“Me and six buddies shave ‘Packers’ in our chest hair,” said Schmitty who apparently is the “P” in his group. “It’s a real hit with the ladies who hang out at Will’s, as you can imagine.”