After an eight-yard scramble against the Lions by Bears QB Jay Cutler last Sunday, the internet was abuzz with thousands of stories touting Cutler’s “underrated athleticism.”

“Jay Cutler is a helluva athlete,” wrote Bears blogger Pete Sheckler. “But he is terribly underrated. It is all everyone talks about, and I mean everyone. Everyone says what a great athlete he is, but no one will say he is a great athlete. He is maliciously underrated. No one will ever admit how great of an athlete he is.”

While not pegged as the prototypical mobile quarterback, Cutler has rushed for over 200 yards this season for a robust 4.9 yards-per-carry average.

“Making a definitive list of Jay Cutler’s attributes is difficult,” said Fox play-by-play announcer Sam Rosen. “I would say Cutler is strong, has a cannon for an arm, steps up well in the pocket and is athletic. But do you know what no one says about Jay Cutler? That he is athletic. I wish someone would make a definitive list of attributes and state for the record that Jay Cutler is athletic. His athleticism flies under the radar.”

By Jimmy Juliano