With the Bears-Patriots game just days away, both head coaches have begun trash-talking back and forth in ways that can only be heard by them. The lack of enunciation reached a fever pitch Wednesday when reporters asked Bears coach Lovie Smith if Tom Brady was the best quarterback in the league.

“Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll, weeeeeeeee thhhhhiiiiinnnnk,” Smith started saying before reporters stopped paying attention.

Apparently, Belichick was furious that Smith didn’t immediately heap praise on his star QB. When informed of the comments, Belichick became enraged and stared straight forward for a number of minutes. Then, he flew off the handle when reporters noticed a single, slight twitch around his right eye.

Belichick’s response was apparently biting and slightly personal, although most people couldn’t understand his hush and mumbled yelling. But Smith heard him loud and clear.

When he saw the comments Smith uttered the worst foul language known to him by exclaiming, “Jiminy Cricket!” This also happens to be the loudest and fastest he has spoken two words in a number of years.