After years of taking anger management classes, Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Kidd keeps owner Mark Cuban from literally blowing up the Mavs.

Monday’s 96-87 loss to the outgunned Oklahoma City Thunder, who put a team on the court made up of five guys with 10-day contracts, prompted Cuban to buy bomb-making materials for the bus ride back to Dallas.

Kidd caught wind of Cuban’s plan and persuaded the owner to issue a statement condemning the team’s effort, and to either trade or cut players who didn’t put forth the effort he wanted.

“He was hurt by our play,” Kidd said, “and I understand that, but there’s other ways to blow up the team than to bring a bomb on the bus.”

Cuban told Kidd he didn’t realize that “blowing up the team” is an expression NBA owners and general managers use when they want to move in a different direction. “I’ll try not to be so literal next time,” Cuban said.


heckler editorial staff