Saturday, May 21, 2022

ESPN fires Dusty after one hour on the job

Quick to hire deposed Cubs skipper Dusty Baker over the winter, ESPN was just as swift to cut ties with the former three-time NL Manager of the Year Thursday, canning him after only one-hour on the job.

Irvin mourns ESPN firing with coke and whore binge, which is the same way...

ESPN has told NFL analyst Michael Irvin that they will no longer need his services. Irvin, who worked for ESPN since 2003, didn't seem too disappointed in the network's choice. The former Dallas Cowboy mourned the decision with a three-day binge that included drugs, sex and more drugs, which was the same way he celebrated getting the job three years ago.

Interview: Chuck Klosterman

Few columnists can transition from music and culture to sports, but few writers are like Chuck Klosterman. Perhaps best known for his monthly column in Esquire, Klosterman has also made a name for himself as a senior writer at Spin magazine and as author of three books. Klosterman has recently begun writing regularly for ESPN.

Interview: Rob Neyer

A daily baseball columnist for, Rob Neyer has written five books, including his Big Book of Baseball Blunders, which hits shelves this month. The Heckler talked with Neyer about Chicago's GMs and his World Series predictions.

Interview: Dan’s still ‘En Fuego’

He's spent seven tireless years at ESPN, helping it become an international sports media behemoth. What makes Dan Patrick so special?

ESPN viewer Mel Kipered to death; Famed draft analyst’s continual updates finally too much...

Pete Hellman was supposed to celebrate his 32nd birthday this week, but the Lakeview native will instead be buried after he was Mel Kipered to death during ESPN's coverage of the 2006 NFL draft.

Interview: What’s the Scoop?

Tell a friend you met Robert "Scoop" Jackson and they might ask who the hell you're talking about. The ones who know will be extremely passionate. Walk down the street with Jackson and half the people will be completely unaware the diminutive man they walked by holds the keys to a large creative empire. Others stop, ask if he is in fact Scoop Jackson and then laud praise upon him. Some even take cell phone pics of him.