Saturday, August 13, 2022

Guy who forgot to set his fantasy lineup only person in the world not...

"I don't care if everyone says [Matt] Cain is a great guy," said Phil Ramirez, whose fantasy team, Smack my Pitch Up is in 10th place in his 12-team league. "I forgot to start him last night and because of that he's an asshole."

Brian Wilson vows to return from Tommy John surgery more insane than ever

On the shelf for the rest of the season after undergoing Tommy John Thursday, offbeat Giants closer Brian Wilson has pledged to return more insane than ever.

Giants closer Wilson upset over look-alike ‘dictator’ beard at Oscars

“Actors don't understand what ballplayers go through," tweeted Willson. "I grow the beard to honor my team. #hollyweird #whackassactors."

Carlos Beltran cancels check for Jon Niese’s nosejob after Niese offers to pay for...

Jon Niese through he was returning a favor when he offered to pay for Carlos Beltran’s mole removal, but as it turned out, he was stuck with a bill for a nose job the former Met promised to pay for.

Giants GM Sabean makes it to Christmas without signing a washed-up 30-something

Giants fans throughout the country have been in complete shock this off-season as GM Brian Sabean has so far restrained himself from signing a washed-up guy in his 30s or 40s.

Piniella enjoying retirement and part-time job as mall Santa Claus; Fontenot serving as elf

Lou Piniella was spotted at a suburban Florida shopping center over the weekend, where he was working part-time as a mall Santa Claus.