Brian Wilson, the self-proclaimed “certified ninja” and Giants closer is taking issue with Hollywood after the Academy Awards. His beef is specifically with funny man Sacha Baron Cohen who dressed in character to promote his new film The Dictator, and sported a beard very similar to Wilson’s.

In years past, Wilson hasn’t taken kindly to hitters who have mocked his cross gesture at the end of every save. For the first time he has a bone to pick about what he perceives to be a lack of respect for his beard and the meaning behind it.

Watching red carpet coverage of the Oscars from his home, Wilson sent out a heated tweet to his followers which was later removed.

“Actors don’t understand what ballplayers go through,” tweeted Willson. “I grow the beard to honor my team. #hollyweird #whackassactors.”

Giants GM Brian Sabean wasn’t surprised at all by his closer’s comments.

“Brian is a fiery and passionate guy,” said Sabean. “On and off the field he speaks his mind. We explained to him the meaning behind the costume he saw at the Oscars and as a ball club we feel Brian now understands the situation.”

In a tweet following Sabean’s comment, Wilson tweeted: “I forgot it’s the same guy who played Borat. Apparently he’s NOT playing me in his next movie. #stillhollyweird.”

John Jenzeh