The Cubs now-infamous spring training bunting contest is entering its riveting 10th week with Jeff Samardzija facing James Russell in the quarterfinals. Some are criticizing the Cubs for apparently focusing on nothing but bunting fundamentals so far this spring, but manager Dale Sveum said it’s a necessary move.

“We need to be experts at bunting because we’re going to try to bunt our way on every at-bat this season,” asked Sveum, motioning toward his band of hapless hitters. “Have you seen the way some of these guys can hit?”

Sveum said the team hasn’t even done a single hitting or fielding drill yet in training camp.

“Hell, I don’t even know where our gloves are,” said Sveum. “I think they’re still in one of our trucks but we’re not going to unpack them until every guy on this team can lay down a bunt perfectly.”