Aaron Rodgers asks Olivia Munn to be blamed by fans for GB losses as...

Witnesses at the high-end restaurant where the engagement occurred told media outlets that it was "sweet" and that when she said yes, everyone in the establishment broke into spontaneous applause, with only a few instances of diners wearing large novelty foam cheeseheads shouting things like, "His head clearly isn't in the game anymore" and "He hasn't been the same Rodgers since he shacked up with that Newsroom chick."

Bears thankful nation will be asleep on couch during Thursday night’s game

"Hey, at least most of the country will be passed out by 6 or 7 in a turkey-induced food coma," said Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. "They might not even notice the game. Did we get beat by three touchdowns or was it a close ballgame? Most people probably won't even know until after the weekend."

Delusional Bears fan thinks Jordy Nelson injury improve Chicago’s chances

Just a day after Packers All-Pro WR Jordy Nelson went down with an ACL tear, delusional Bears fan Steven Dietrich has been thrilled at what he's considering a "big break" that will dramatically improve Chicago's chances in the NFC North.

65,000 Packers fans who hated Favre a couple years ago attend his HOF ceremony...

Brett Favre was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame Saturday night at Lambeau Field in front of 65,000 fans -- most of whom hated hated him just a few years ago.

Bears and Packers fans form uneasy draft day alliance in response to obnoxious New...

The trouble started when a Jets fan named Vinnie wearing his customized "Sanchize is the Franchise" jersey asked: “You’z guys know where I can get a New York slice in this freakin’ city?”

Family intercepts Packers fan who’d already begun trip to Super Bowl on tractor

"My tractor's a beauty, but it doesn't have any heat," said Schultz. "About 30 minutes into the ride I had to stop at Shopko to pick up a new pair of Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls to help stay warm for the long drive to Phoenix. That's where my family found me and broke the terrible news."

Chicago Bears offer GM position to the Green Bay Packers

Bears President Ted Phillips defended his decision to offer the job to the entire NFL franchise, which was founded in 1919, by saying, "The Packers have a proven track record of managing to put a playoff team on the field, and if we're going to start things over, I think the Packers are the ones to lead us to where we want to go."