Could bitter rivals and sworn enemies put aside their differences in response to a grave threat? Well, if it worked for the Avengers, then it can clearly work for the NFC North.

Packers fans and Bears fans have hated each other since the beginning of time, or at the very least since the 2010 NFC Championship game, or that cheap shot on Jim Harbaugh after that one interception. However, all differences were put aside when New Yorkers started to descend on Chicago for the 2015 NFL Draft.

The trouble started when a Jets fan named Vinnie wearing his customized “Sanchize is the Franchise” jersey asked: “You’z guys know where I can get a New York slice in this freakin’ city?”

Then, more mayhem ensued when three elderly women wearing custom-knitted Lawrence Taylor jerseys made from sustainable fair-trade hemp cloth quinoa textiles asked why there was such a lack of quality opera houses in the Windy City?

The last straw was broken when a Bills fan named Shamus from Staten Island mentioned aloud that the “L” Train was way faster than anything around here and that’s why it took him a full 15 minutes to find a good Irish Bar when it should have only taken 10.

Next thing you know, Chicago fans wearing their “H8 Cutler” jerseys were fighting side-by-side with Packer fans wearing their “Luv Cutler” jerseys. It was a melee of epic proportions. The fighting went on relentlessly all the way from pick #15 in the draft through pick #37. The only sporadic break occurred when everybody stopped to scratch their heads at yet another questionable high draft pick by the Oakland Raiders.

Although the fighting was expected to subside, reports of another potential melee were brewing as Lions and Vikings fans had challenged 49ers and Seahawks backers to a round robin flippy cup winner-take-all where the loser got stuck with Colin Kaepernick’s expiring contract.