In a rare moment lacking stoicism, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick seemed to be ogling supermodel Chrissy Teigen at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

The picture immediately went viral, with Belichick smirking in the background. Even Teigen’s husband, singer John Legend, poked fun at Belichick on Twitter with the caption “BELICHICK YOU DOG.”

One person not laughing was quarterback Tom Brady.

“It’s a pattern. Trust me,” said a peeved Brady. “Do you know how many times he’s checked out Giselle [Bundchen]? He’s always asking me if she’s coming to practice, the games. It’s beyond uncomfortable. Frankly I’m sick of it. So no, him checking out Chrissy is not surprising. He probably used his famous line about wanting to see one of my Super Bowl rings that’s in my hotel room.”

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler came forward today as well.

“It’s no secret around the league about Belichick’s roving eye. I’ll never forget the first time he met Kristin [Cavallari]. The whole time she was like, uh coach, eyes up here.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the situation.

“I’ve assigned investigator Ted Wells,” he said. “I took a 90-minute workshop last year and I learned that checking out women can be seen as objectifying. That, I was taught, is wrong. If Mr. Wells finds these accusations to be true and if hotel security can produce a video, I will do everything to show the female NFL fans this behavior will not be tolerated. I also want to assure Tom Brady and Jay Cutler I have never checked out their wives when they were not in the room.”

Goodell then ordered that all videos of the incident be destroyed.