It’s the time of year when every decision a coach makes is second-guessed. Championships can be won or lost behind the scenes. Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville is faced with that agonizing choice as his team plays the Minnesota Wild in round two of the NHL playoffs.

Who will be the starting goalie? Corey Crawford or Scott Darling?

“I’ve ruminated on this the past 24 hours and I’m at a complete loss,” stated Quenneville. “One minute I’m thinking Craw, the next Scotty. These guys are both even and if we’re gonna win the Cup I have to put emotions aside. The only logical thing is rock-paper-scissors. My verdict is final.”

“Coach broke the news to the team on the flight home,” said a thoughtful Crawford. “I’ve got a lot to consider. My heart keeps telling me paper, but my mind’s telling me stick with reliable rock.”

“It’s only fair,” added Darling. “Can you blame coach? We’ve both had our moments. I wouldn’t know who to choose¬†either. I’m comfortable since I know Corey so well. He has trouble blocker side and he always chooses rock.”

No word from Blackhawks management if the loser will ask for a best two out of three.