Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Packers GM and coach encouraged by last weekend’s mock draft

With fans and analysts scratching their heads about the Packers draft strategy, the team’s GM and head coach say they are encouraged with how the mock draft went.

Jerry Jones refuses to go without cheerleaders at Super Bowl, hires every stripper in...

As soon as the cheerleader-less Packers and Steelers advanced to Super Bowl XLV, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones immediately went about the task of putting together the largest cheerleader team in history by hiring every stripper in the state of Texas.

Phoenix leveled by giant, rampaging Ryan Braun

Spring Training turned violent today as Milwaukee slugger and suspected steroid user Ryan Braun attacked downtown Phoenix, apparently after "hulking out."

‘I’m glad we lost because now the pressure to go undefeated is off’ say...

In the wake of their first loss in the season to the lowly Chiefs, fans of the Packers have taken to message boards and office water coolers to awkwardly and unconvincingly express their "relief" that the their team "doesn't have to worry about that '16-0' target on their back anymore."

Report: Lazy Rodgers ‘just chilled’ in a State Farm office for past two weeks

“I saw that Rodgers guy at the State Farm office every day,” said some guy with a New Jersey accent and a Cheesehead foam hat. “I'm unemployed and wander around drunk all day in case someone happens to be shooting a commercial I can walk in on. And every time I walked past the window there was Rodgers, just hanging out.”

Fielder chooses to emulate Detroit by taking their money as his body falls into...

Newly signed Tiger Prince Fielder has promised the city of Detroit that he will do them proud by taking their money and rapidly decaying into an obese, ineffective eyesore before their very eyes over the nine years of his $214 million contract.

Bielema headed to Arkansas because their colors match his wardrobe

"Well, thankfully they're the same colors, I don't have to waste time shopping. Ain't nobody got time for that," said Bielema. "It's an SEC school, so who cares if they've become even more of a joke while I'm there? I'd rather be a loser in the SEC than a winner by default in the Big Ten."