Sunday, December 10, 2023

Budweiser not all that proud to bring you Vikings or Colts, NFL sponsor clarifies

“‘Proud’ does not accurately reflect the feelings of our company’s owners and management when we see the on-field play of the Vikings and Colts,” the memo says. “At best, the emotion could be described as ‘mild discomfiture’.”

McNabb’s dismal Week 1 performance blamed on lack of Campbell’s Chunky soups

After his disastrous first week with the Minnesota Vikings, the Campbell's soup company blamed the performance of starting quarterback and former soup spokesperson Donovan McNabb on his decision to change soup brands from Campbell's Chunky to Progresso.

Heckler Comic: Donovan McNabb enters the NFC North

The Minnesota Vikings might have a new quarterback, but it doesn't change much in the NFC North.

Determined to get more championships than Rodgers, Favre joins Lingerie Football League

Anyone who thought Brett Favre would quietly drift into retirement ... thought wrong. According to sources, Aaron Rodgers' Super Bowl win left Favre furious, and ultimately caused him to put off retirement once again.

Favre fined additional $50,000 for not being candid about upsetting state of genitals

As the NFL reviewed the case of Brett Favre and his "sexting" to C-level sports reporter Jenn Sterger, they were forced to look at several photos of Favre’s genitals that he was sending to the reporter’s cellphone. The result of reviewing the photos was catastrophic for all.

Bears-Vikings had most concussions in NFL game since injury was invented last year

The NFL revealed that Monday night's Bears-Vikings game had the most concussions in a single contest since the injury was invented in 2009.

Concussed Favre accidentally sends racy texts to his wife rather than some tramp

Brett Favre was displaying odd behavior in the hours after suffering a concussion during Monday night’s Bears-Vikings game. Most noteworthy was when he retreated to his apartment for his usual round of X-rated text messaging only to make a huge mistake and actually send them to his wife.