After his disastrous first week with the Minnesota Vikings, the Campbell’s soup company blamed the performance of starting quarterback and former soup spokesperson Donovan McNabb on his decision to change soup brands from Campbell’s Chunky to Progresso.

Campbell’s executives addressed the public regarding McNabb’s 39-yard, 47.9 rated performance, saying, “While McNabb was a prolific performer while he represented Campbell’s Chunky soups, the soup that eats like a meal, it’s very clear that his decision to begin eating Progresso, which does not have the sheer amount of meats and vegetables necessary to feed an NFL-sized¬†hunger, is the reason for his terrible play in Week 1.”

McNabb repeatedly ignored the soup company’s pleas to add the savory chicken, steak, and sausage available in Campbell’s Chunky soups to his gameday routine, and it clearly showed in the box score on Sunday.

Campbell’s would not comment on the Week 1¬†performances of two previous Chunky soups spokesmen, LaDainian Tomlinson and Matt Hasselbeck, but added, “We’d have to assume that Tom Brady has been eating his Chunky soups, given his performance.”

Jeff GoodSmith