When he looks back on his terrible 2011 season, Adam Dunn is able to quickly come up with his greatest regret, and it’s not his striking out in 42 percent of his at-bats this year or even the massive contract he signed with the White Sox this winter.

“Hands down, I never should have used Alexei [Ramirez] as a bat earlier this season,” said Dunn. “I was desperate and made a bad decision.”

The hulking DH said he “hit rock bottom” when he forced the skinny White Sox shortstop to serve as his bat in two plate appearances on Sept. 5 in Minnesota. Despite Ramirez’s light weight and wide wing span, Dunn still struck out in one of the at-bats. He flew out to center in the other at-bat before deciding to call it quits on his cruel, mistake made out of desperation.

Surprisingly, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen looks back at the incident with a laugh.

“Dunn says he hit rock bottom when he used Alexei as a bat?” asked Guillen. “That’s funny because rock bottom is the only thing he hit all season.”