After a day of negotiations between owners and players got nowhere, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Thursday that like many other NBA players, he will be going overseas to serve as commissioner of a Chinese basketball league. Stern’s deal with the Chinese league has no opt-out clause until June 2012, meaning owners and players will have to sort out their differences under former Bulls backup forward/encouragement generator Brian Scalabrine who was named interim commissioner by Stern.

“Today I announce with great pleasure and joy that I will be accepting the commissioner position at League of Professional Chinese Basketball Teams,” said Stern. “Of course this means that I won’t be in the States to help end the NBA lockout¬†until the LOPCBT season ends in June.”

Stern was quick to give Scalabrine a vote of confidence.

“I have no doubt that the league is in good hands with Brian,” said Stern. “He has always been good as not doing any work himself but is amazing at encouraging other people to do the work for him, which is the essence of being a league commissioner.”

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