Brett Favre was displaying odd behavior in the hours after suffering a concussion during Monday night’s Bears-Vikings game. Most noteworthy was when he retreated to his apartment for his usual round of X-rated text messaging, only to make a huge mistake and actually send them to his wife.

“I was shocked,” said Deanna Favre. “I’m not usually the one he’s trying to send pictures to, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Favre’s recipients are usually unresponsive women that are half his age. Those include Jenn Sterger, the entire crew of Vikings cheerleaders and the Olsen twins. The lingering effects of a concussion can last for weeks and may cause Favre to display more strange behavior like announce his real plans or actually become a good teammate.

When asked for comment about mistakenly sending his wife the texts, Favre said, “What! Shit, those weren’t for her!”