In 2010 Duncan Keith won a gold medal, a Norris Trophy and the Stanley Cup. In fact, the only thing he lost this past year was half his menacing grin. Now the dentures meant to replace those seven teeth may have been lost as well.

“We were all singing, you know, and I’m kind of a rock ‘n’ roll type of dude,” said Keith. “Well, I was yelling ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ a little too hard and my new piece just flew right out of my mouth.”

The teeth took a wild bounce off a crack in the pavement and went right through the hands of some fellow carolers. They were last seen in the possession of what was described to be a “particularly aggressive squirrel.”

Keith continued singing and spreading good cheer in spite of his misfortune. However, after Keith’s version of “Frosty the Snowman” covered his once-merry companions in saliva, they made him put on his visor and sing “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.”

“If anybody finds my teeth, just stick them in Kaner’s hot cocoa,” said Keith. “That’s to sanitize them. Anything that little dude drinks is 70 percent whiskey.”

By Dan Bradley | Photoshop by Kurt Evans

Bandwagon Dan