Reinsdorf doesn’t understand how Ricketts can love the team he now owns

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is a longtime fan of his new ballclub, a fact that doesn't sit well with crosstown front office man Jerry Reinsdorf.

Nov. 09 issue is out: Cubs sign Kenny Powers; Bears lineman struggle, and much...

Great news: The Heckler's November issue has hit the streets. As usual, it's packed full of unbelievable Chicago sports news.

Dec. 09 issue is out: NFL Today adds 10th host; Bears demoted to CFL;...

Great news: The Heckler's December issue has hit the streets. In addition to our award-winning unbelievable Chicago sports coverage, this month The Heckler names its first-ever Sportsman of the Year. Here's a hint: His nickname should be "Pick Six."

Sportsman of the Year Runners Up

The Heckler's first-ever Sportsman of the Year could have gone to any of the five finalists, but in the end, Jay "Pick 6" Cutler got the nod. Here's what nominators had to say about the four runners up.

Hendry outbids himself again for player no other team wanted

"The fifth time has got to be a charm," said the Cubs GM. "In Marlon Byrd, I'm very confident we've found the goose who lays the golden eggs."

Ken Harrelson celebrates HOF election; too stupid to realize he’s wrong ‘Hawk’

White Sox TV broadcaster and former player and GM Ken Harrelson today celebrated the election of "Hawk" to the Hall of Fame, failing to realize the Hawk being referenced was not him, but rather Andre Dawson.

Selig announces ‘Cash for Cheaters’ rebate plan

In the wake of Mark McGwire's revelation he used steroids for more than a decade, baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced a refund program for fans swept up in the late-'90s home run craze in which McGwire was a central figure.