Great news: The Heckler’s November issue has hit the streets. As usual, it’s packed full of unbelievable Chicago sports news. 

Among this issue’s headlines
Bears/Football News
Linguist: ‘Omiyale’ roughly translates to ‘I missed my block’

Foot Locker marketing Orlando Pace, Frank Omiyale line of cement shoes

Statues mistaken for Bears offensive linemen
Orlando Pace shipped off on Pace bus to Orlando

Forte’s yards per carry slip below his college GPA

Lovie Smith consults Jim Hendry for career guidance; ‘Jim is my quarterback,’ says embattled Bears coach

Bears alternative jerseys made from green screen material; TV viewers must choose between advertisements


‘Throw Waaay Back’ Jersey Day leads to rampant concussions

NBC adds ‘Noted Idiot’ warning whenever Matt Millen talks

Aaron Rodgers sacked 11 more times on way home from game

Man worried about fantasy impact of player’s career-ending injury

Minnesota sees dark fashion times as thousands of Vikings fans get Jared Allen haircuts

Tebow takes writing on eye black too far with ‘Holier than Thou’
Ice Crew girl beats Sharks player with her shovel

Hawks fan somehow leaves game sober
In need of cash, Antoine Walker appears as extra in pirate ad

Cubs News
Cubs sign Kenny Powers

Orange Len Kasper caught leaving tanning salon

Ricketts orders Thanksgiving turkey, Milton Bradley delivered to doorstep

Hendry to overpay for free agents by only 30% due to lagging economy

Woo-Woo in History: 1982’s Stanford-Cal ‘The Play’

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Bulls News

Bulls, Pistons, Cavs are teams foolish enough to think they’ll sign LeBron

Bulls season reportedly ongoing

Blackhawks News

New Hawks fan blocks other fan’s view with his big, stupid head

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