White Sox TV broadcaster and former player and GM Ken Harrelson today celebrated the election of “Hawk” to the Hall of Fame, failing to realize the Hawk being referenced was not him, but rather Andre Dawson.

“Mercy!” said Harrelson, a career .239 hitter and failed front office executive. “Dadgum right they finally picked me for the Hall. You can put it on the board … yes!”

Harrelson continued ranting several minutes before being told he was not the Hawk who made the Hall today.

“Well don’t that make me a hiney bird?” said Harrelson. “I thought I was sitting here in the catbird seat scoring one for the good guys, but now I gotta go grab some bench.”

Harrelson also said that in his day, he was a much better hitter than his .239 average indicates.

“Dadgum umpires were out to get me back in the day,” said Harrelson. “I remember a few at-bats against Catfish Hunter that should have gone my way.”

By Brad Zibung. Idea sent Tom Evans