Former Cubs OF Andre Dawson’s long wait for a call from the Baseball Hall of Fame ended today as the eight-time All-Star received more than the 75 percent vote necessary for enshrinement. Dawson is secretly happy of the increased pay he’ll receive at autograph shows just by putting “HOF ’10” after his name.

“Up until now, I was only getting $10 or $20 for an autograph,” said Dawson with a smile. “That’s what former players call ‘Jerome Walton money.’ Now that I’m a Hall of Famer, I’ll get $50 to $100 for an autograph … ‘Ernie Banks money.'”

Dawson said he hopes to someday get kicked out of baseball entirely, which would lead to “Pete Rose money.”

“I hear Pete’s constantly doing memorabilia signings in Vegas,” said Dawson. “That must be because they’re paying him so well. That’s the life.”

Article by Brad Zibung. Idea by Matt Wood, intrepid reporter/idea guy