Ron Turner’s second stint as Bears offensive coordinator mercifully ended Tuesday, after high hopes for a dynamic offense fell flat in 2009. Bears president Ted Phillips promised fans “‘probably won’t” ever re-hire Turner in the future like the team did once already.

“It’s no secret Ron wasn’t a great offensive coordinator his first time with the Bears,” said Phillips of Turner’s first turn as offensive coordinator in the ’90s. “We assumed he had gotten better while leading Illinois to a 35-57 record. Guess we were wrong.”

Quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton was also fired Tuesday, but QB Jay Cutler doesn’t seem to think Hamilton will be missed.

“We had a quarterbacks coach?” asked Cutler. “I knew we had an offensive coordinator because he was the guy who kept calling the same five plays all season, but I had no clue we had a quarterbacks coach.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief