Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Blackhawks sign 42-year-old Zamboni goalie after Lehner trade

Fresh from the success of his first NHL victory, would-be Carolina Hurricanes back-up to the back-up, 42-year-old emergency goalie Dave Ayres, was signed by the Blackhawks.

Bowman realizes he acquired the wrong Subban

Stan Bowman knew he made a mistake just a few minutes after meeting his newly acquired goalie Malcolm Subban.

Wrigley marquee again used to congratulate champions other than Cubs

The Cubs typically use the electronic message board on their famed stadium marquee to broadcast messaging from corporate sponsors. Occasionally they congratulate another team for winning a championship. Someday maybe that team will be them.

Hawks snap losing streak, split a pair of games this weekend

There comes a time every January when Blackhawks fans just have to shake their heads and say, "Maybe next year. At least we have good prospects in our system. Right?"