Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cutler prepares will, says last good-byes before game with the Giants

Jay Cutler doesn't really recall much about the last time the Bears played the Giants. The only thing he can remember is that was pummeled by someone on every other play and that he thought he was someone else for five minutes after being taken out of the game.

Boylen slam-dunks keynote speech at Bernie Sanders rally but calls timeout with 20 seconds...

While many fans think Jim Boylen doesn’t have much future as Bulls coach, some believe politics is on the horizon for him after his electrifying keynote address at the Bernie Sanders rally in Grant Park Saturday afternoon.

Yelich admits to cheating for fun, not competitive advantage

Telling Yu Darvish on Twitter Friday "Nobody needs help facing you," Brewers slugger Christian Yelich later acknowledged that he cheats anyway because it's fun.

Join The Heckler at Spring Training 2019: Feb. 28 to March 3

Space is running out for The Heckler's 14th Annual Spring Training trip to Mesa Feb. 28 to March 3. This trip has everything: Beer, food trucks, a DJ, beer, sunshine, beer, ThunderDrunk and ... Cubs baseball! And beer.

Ozzie to back Canseco’s movie

After reading a New York Times report that Jose Canseco offered to leave Magglio Ordonez's name out of his next tell-all book if Ordonez would financially support a movie endeavor of Canseco's, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has decided to bankroll the film completely.

Glennon, Sanchez endorse Nagy as new coach they hope to hold clipboard next to

“Under coach Nagy’s tutelage, we hope to have the chance to hold a clipboard on the sidelines, acting as if we’re interested, and being inactive for most games while collecting a combined $12 million next season,” the pair said in a joint statement.

2016 Cubs officially the only team not to cheat to win a World Series...

With the shocking news that the 2018 Boston Red Sox were just another championship team from New England that probably cheated, it can now be reported that the only team to win a World Series honestly the past decade is none other than the 2016 Chicago Cubs.