Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cutler prepares will, says last good-byes before game with the Giants

Jay Cutler doesn't really recall much about the last time the Bears played the Giants. The only thing he can remember is that was pummeled by someone on every other play and that he thought he was someone else for five minutes after being taken out of the game.

Bulls cancel next 10 seasons due to coronavirus

John Paxson and Gar Forman announced Friday morning that due to the ongoing fear of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chicago Bulls will be canceling the remainder of the 2019-2020 season and their following nine seasons.

Wellness Check Podcast: CBS Chicago’s Jim Williams

Quarantine drags on unfortunately but we’re here with another Wellness Check. Today’s guest is CBS-2 reporter and weekend anchor Jim Williams. Listen here!

Inflated Wrigley Field attendance figures include seagulls, vendors

“If you think about it, seagulls are pretty self-aware,” said Wrigley staffer Lester Fitz. “I mean, they could leave if they wanted to. We count them because they chose to be here.”

Nerds everywhere step forward with scoring advice for Cubs

The Cubs are near-last in the league in every offensive category and fading fast. One good thing about being a Cub, though, is that you have plenty of support. And some of that support happens to come from nerds – nerds on a mission to help the Cubs score.

23 Things Only Chicago Sports Fans Of The ’90s Can Relate To

If you were a sports fan living in Chicago during the 90's, you probably experienced most of this list at some point.

Red-hot Javy asks if he can just play all his games in L.A. from...

"We were on our way to the airport and Javy comes up to me all sad," said Maddon. "'Hey coach,' he says, 'after the series I just had in Los Angeles, do you think I can just stay and play baseball here?'"