Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Cutler prepares will, says last good-byes before game with the Giants

Jay Cutler doesn't really recall much about the last time the Bears played the Giants. The only thing he can remember is that was pummeled by someone on every other play and that he thought he was someone else for five minutes after being taken out of the game.

Boylen slam-dunks keynote speech at Bernie Sanders rally but calls timeout with 20 seconds...

While many fans think Jim Boylen doesn’t have much future as Bulls coach, some believe politics is on the horizon for him after his electrifying keynote address at the Bernie Sanders rally in Grant Park Saturday afternoon.

Cubs release schedule of games Darvish will miss in 2019

"I want very much to perform at a high level for the Chicago Cubs," said Darvish through an interpreter. "But after reviewing the 2019 schedule that just came out, I'm afraid I won't be able to participate in any of those games."

Wellness Check Podcast: Kevin Kaduk

Quarantine drags on so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s is with Kevin Kaduk who after 12 years at Yahoo Sports was “laid off before it was cool” at the end of last year. Listen here!

Epstein admits to mixing up the careers of Sandberg, Sveum

“Sandberg ... damn, I knew it started with an ‘S’,” Epstein was overheard muttering as he strode by reporters before Friday’s game.

Thibodeau will hover over court on suspension wire for rest of playoffs

“Coach likes to call all the plays,” said star point guard Derrick Rose. “But this will really give him a chance to position us just like how he wants it on the board. In fact, we’re thinking of all getting X’s tattooed on top of our heads.”

Rookie cop in Detroit still hasn’t arrested NFL player despite three full weeks on...

"It's embarrassing," said the officer. "All the guys keep making fun of me for being a cherry. Or they say I must be blind if I haven't spotted a drunk Lion on the road yet."