Sunday, September 24, 2023

Struggling Ovechkin grounded right before biggest party night of the year

Tatyana Ovechkin sat in her modest Ford Taurus Station Wagon just outside the Kettler Capitals Iceplex waiting for practice to be over to pick up her recently grounded son Alex.

Washington Generals sue Washington Wizards for copyright infringement

Perennially lost at the bottom of the NBA standings, the Washington Wizards are attempting to get people into the stands anyway they can. This year that has included trying to lose so badly and comically they make their opponents look like Globetrotters, which has drawn legal action from the Washington Generals.

Cubs graciously promise to eat only 9 of Strasburg’s 160 innings on Opening Day

On Wednesday the Nationals named Stephen Strasburg their Opening Day starter to take on the Cubs, who graciously offered to use up only nine of 160 innings the Tommy John recipient will be limited to this season.

Tim Thomas demands to see Ward’s birth certificate after OT winner

"It's not necessarily that I think Ward's here illegally and thereby inherently unable to compete in our league," said Thomas, who refused to visit President Obama in the White House because of his political beliefs. "I'm just a concerned citizen who wants to make sure Joel Ward is not ineligible to score a decisive overtime goal on me."

Hamels beans his kid during father-son game

Keeping with his firm belief in “old school” baseball, Cole Hamels reportedly threw a 92 MPH fastball directly into his eight-year-old son’s buttocks during the duo’s first ever father-son baseball game.

Heckler Video: “Clown Question Bro Time!” with Bryce Harper presents "Clown Question Bro Time" to commemorate Bryce Harper's immortal words. If you thought it was Peanut Butter Jelly Time, wait until you get an eyeful of Clown Question Bro Time!

Pre-Ovechkin Washington Capitals fan found

John Benson, a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland claims to have been a fan of the Washington Capitals before the team acquired star player Alex Ovechkin. Although it is hard to believe, the team did exist before Ovechkin, who locals affectionately refer to as "Ovie."