Thursday, February 29, 2024

Underdog and Scooby Doo parade balloons found buried near Eagles’ team hotel

Two days after the McDonalds Thanksgiving Day Parade down State Street, organizers reported that two of the parade’s beloved inflatable animals had gone missing. But late Saturday night, the Underdog and Scooby Doo Balloons were found buried in the sand at Oak Street Beach, right across the street from the Eagles team hotel, The Drake.

Martz anoints Bears offense ‘Greatest Show on Torn-Up Brown Sod’

It’s been a decade since Mike Martz designed the championship offense in St. Louis Rams known as “The Greatest Show on Turf.” Now the Bears’ offensive coordinator, Martz has branded his current squad “The Greatest Show on Torn-Up Brown Sod” after Sunday's convincing 31-26 home win over the Eagles.

Nike unveils controversial new Michael Vick ads

Just days after announcing a new endorsement deal with Mike Vick, Nike has launched a controversial new print campaign tackling the football star's dog-fighting problems head on.

Michael Vick celebrates new contract by attending cockfight

After receiving the second $100 million contract of his career, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick celebrated by spending a night on the town, where he attending an especially atrocious display of cockfighting in the back room of a Philadelphia warehouse.

Michael Vick dog-fighting jokes to result in one-game suspension from Roger Goodell

“It’s not because Michael doesn’t deserve it, and we understand that trash talk is part of our game,” Goodell said. “Every Vick dog pun has been said, so save yourself the embarrassment. And stop with the damn Rex Ryan foot-fetish jokes too while you’re at it.”

Michael Vick violates probation by getting a little too lippy during post-game press conference

"Do I really have to explain?" asked Vick when a reporter pushed him to express how he was feeling after the loss. "Do I really have to explain how I'm feeling, sitting here at one and three? Good sir, I would prefer to not answer that question and instead have you rot in hell."

All New for MNF: Bears-Eagles Bingo!

After a seemingly endless bye week, the Bears return to the field Monday night in Philly against the hated Eagles. Follow all the fun and nonsense along with our Bingo board. Let us know when you win and we might just have a prize for you.