Cubs shortstop Javier Baez has graced the cover of the video game “MLB the Show 2020.” Generally these types of video games are appropriate for any age group with the motor skills to play the game, but this year’s version is different.

“We felt we there was just too much sex appeal with Baez on the cover,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan in announcing that the game was now rated “Mature 17+.” “We had no choice but to put these parental guidelines in place. We understand that it will likely disappoint some 10-year-olds who loved the game. But if you play the game, and you see what Javy Baez looks like making a diving play up the middle, you’ll know why we did what we had to do.”

Parents have come out in support of the move.

“I completely understand,” said mother of three, Jill Sanderson. “I originally got the game for my kids and truthfully I ignored the warning. I figured what could be so bad in a baseball game? After 20 minutes I had to take it away. The game makers just did such a good job of capturing what Javy Baez looks like when he plays, and it’s just pure sex. The man drips sex and it is just too soon to expose my children to that. He’s just too damn sexy.”

Sanderson said she planned to give the game back to her kids as soon as she was finished staring longingly at its cover.