The Cubs named David Ross their new manager today, shocking observers who knew this move was a forgone conclusion before the start of the season.

“It’s just crazy the Cubs hired Ross after nearly a year of everyone knowing this was going to happen eventually,” said ESPN and NBC Sports Chicago’s David Kaplan. “It’s kind of like ‘Why didn’t they cut to the chase and can Joe [Maddon] before the season started back in March?'”

While the Cubs went through a thorough interview process over the last few weeks, other supposed candidates for the job felt their appearance was mostly for show.

“It was the weirdest interview I’ve ever been a part of,” said Joe Girardi. “All they kept doing was asking me about my thoughts on Ross. I even saw paperwork on Theo’s desk with the title ‘Plan to announce hiring David Ross as our next manager’ with the date March 1, 2019. I knew it was a done deal.”