After three-straight humiliating losses filled with bad decisions, poor execution and questionable-at-best play-calling, Bears coach Matt Nagy announced a major change to his approach.

“Last year having ‘BE YOU.’ on the corner of my play card was perfect,” said Nagy. “It kept me grounded and reminded me to trust my instincts during the game.”

But no more.

“It’s time for a change,” said Nagy. “Next week against the Eagles it’s ‘BE BELICHICK.’”

Nagy continued: “Would a Belichick team fail to score a TD on half a dozen opportunities inside the five? No. Would a Belichick team kneel at the 21 with 40 seconds and a timeout to set up a 43-yard field goal? Definitely not.”

Insiders question the effectiveness of Nagy’s adjustment.

“We know ‘BE YOU.’ hasn’t been working for Matt, but maybe Belichick is setting the bar a little high,” said GM Ryan Pace. “Right now I’d settle with ‘BE ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU.’”