Many fans were wondering if the Cubs were going to make a big splash at the trade deadline–and did they ever. The Cubs have done the unthinkable and acquired the best player in baseball but at a steep cost: Wrigley Field. 

“We were in a tough stretch of baseball and we needed a change,” said President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein. He [Trout] is such a unique talent and when we found out we could get him without giving up anyone from our core, it was a no-brainer.”

Epstein was not concerned about where the Cubs will play now that they have shipped off their longtime ballpark. “We will figure that out. The only thing I concern myself with is the team and our team is better off after this trade.”

Mike Trout is the first player ever to be traded for a building but if Epstein feels he might not be the last

“It’s just a numbers game. Mike Trout could produce 100 WAR in the next 10 years and according to our sabermetricians and Wrigley Field will produce zero,” said Epstein. “The same could be said for the Hotel Zachary or any of those rooftop buildings the Ricketts family bought so we might keep making deals like this.”

The trade also involves the Cubs providing a player to be named later and given the immeasurable value of Wrigley Field, Epstein said the PTBNL doesn’t need to be high-impact.

“It’ll be a guy like Descalso, Russell, Morrow, etc.” said Epstein. “Hell, maybe all of them.”