Cubs fans rejoiced after Robel Garcia crushed a home run in the second-inning against the Giants Monday night, but a leading environmental organization was far from pleased as the ball splashed down in McCovey Cove.

“If we don’t take care of our earth then we are all in trouble,” said Greenpeace spokesperson Dana Hudson. “What that baseball player did, dropping a 454-foot bomb into the bay like that, with that type of exit velocity, it could have countless repercussions we don’t even know about yet. We can’t continue to pollute our earth and murder our ocean life. We just won’t last here very long if we do.”

“I definitely didn’t intend to hurt anyone or anything,” said Garcia after the game. “I was just trying to do my job. If I had known the damage I would have done, I wouldn’t have hit it that far.”

The Cubs drew more criticism later in the game after Pedro Strop’s blown save prompted some fans to wish the struggling reliever would be left to “sleep with the fishes,” further polluting the ocean.