Longtime Cubs fan Sean Cunningham felt he had no choice but to call the police after Cubs mascot, Clark the Cub, showed up at his seven-year-old’s birthday party without wearing any pants. 

“Call me old-fashioned, but if you show up to a kid’s birthday party, you should be wearing pants,” said Cunningham of Portage Park. The avid Cubs fan shelled out big time cash to have his favorite team’s mascot make an appearance at his child’s birthday party and was quite upset with the result.

“Last year we had a magician for my son’s party, he wasn’t great but he wore pants and I really liked that about him.” 

In response to the arrest, the Cubs released this statement: “We are so sorry the Cunningham family had to go through this. No child should ever have to go to a birthday party and wonder if a pantless person will show up. Due to the indecency and subsequent arrest, the Chicago Cubs officially cut all ties with Clark the Cub and sincerely apologize for this unacceptable occurrence.”

Clark the Cub’s sentence for this crime is not yet known but Sean Cunningham hopes “they throw the book at him.”

Added Cunningham: “Maybe we can figure out a way to lock up Descalso too.”