President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein locked down the Cubs future Tuesday night by signing MVP candidate Javier Baez to a historic contract through 2043. Exact numbers of the contract have not yet been released, all that is known is Baez will be a Cub for a long time. 

“I wanted to make sure he was a Chicago Cub for life,” said Epstein. “ When I asked him how long he wanted to play for, he said another 23 years, so I had our sabermetric guys run some numbers and use that FaceApp thing to see what he’s going to look like then and if he’s going to play 23 more years and be a Cub for life, 2043 it is.” 

“I am very excited to be a Chicago Cub for life,” Baez told reporters. When asked if he would be able to produce during the second half of his contract, pointing at Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera as examples who have failed their lengthy contracts, Baez remarked: “I am El Mago, I will produce forever.” 

It is the longest contract in sports history and the Cubs, fans and Baez are all excited to be a part of history.