Jason Heyward has had his ups and downs as a Chicago Cub but after a huge weekend including the go-ahead RBI Friday, going 3-for-5 with two doubles Saturday and a go-ahead two-run homer Sunday, Heyward is now an offensive leader. Many have been skeptical of Heyward’s recent success–wondering how the right fielder has been able to drastically turn it around. Heyward himself had the simple answer.

“Performance enhancing practice techniques,” Heyward said. Or PEPTs as Joe Maddon likes to call them. “I recently decided to make the switch from practice techniques that don’t work that well, to practice techniques that do work really well.” 

“It sounds simple,” Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon said. “But in reality it takes an astute mind to decide to practice better performance techniques. Luckily Heyward is a leader and so now that he has tried practicing in ways that lead to success, hopefully others will follow suit. 

“It’s definitely a great idea,” Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. “Maybe Descalso and Strop can give it a try.”

Photo: USA Today