Vic Fangio had just inked his new four-year deal to coach the Broncos when his former head coach called him up.

“Vic, congrats on the new job and everything, but we need your help with one last thing,” said Bears coach Matt Nagy. “Would you mind please putting together a defensive game plan for all 16 of our games next season?”

Added Nagy: “Please Vic. We’re desperate here.”

Nagy said he and GM Ryan Pace had yet to decide on a replacement for their outgoing defensive coordinator, but they knew filling Fangio’s shoes would be tough. Fangio said he was mixed on the request.

“I get that they think I did a great job and everything, but really, it’s not that tough,” said Fangio. “Just make sure Khalil Mack is on the field at all times — other than offensive two-point conversion attempts — and you should be okay.”