Prepping for a deep playoff run, the Cubs bolstered their rotation Friday by acquiring the ghost of Cole Hamels from the Texas Rangers.

“Anytime you can add the apparition of a once-great player, you have to do it,” said Cubs President Theo Epstein. “Sort of like when Shoeless Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver showed up in ‘Field of Dreams.’ Tell me that didn’t make the movie better.”

Epstein said he wasn’t concerned that the ghost of Hamels has struggled lately for the Rangers, giving up seven runs in three of his last four starts.

“We can all agree that starting a ghost gives us a better chance to win than when we trot out Tyler Chatwood or some Double-A burnout,” said Epstein. “Now if I could just find a cadaver to give up a left shoulder to replace the bum one Kris Bryant currently has, we’d all be happy.”