WSCR-AM afternoon host Dan Bernstein Wednesday night confirmed what many women have believed, but no man would ever confirm: Men get distracted by “giant boobs”. In a reply to a tweet by co-worker Matt Spiegel regarding CSN Chicago’s Aiyana Cristal awkwardness on camera, Bernstein revealed this well kept secret among men.

There were no lack of comments on the subject from all sports outlets in Chicago. “It’s sad that women in all fields of broadcasting continuously get judged based on their appearance and not their work.”  said ABC 7’s Mark Giangreco right before heading to lunch with the station’s new meteorologist Cheryl Scott.

ESPN Radio’s John Jurkovic mumbled, “Boobs? What?”  before biting into a sandwich during his show.

And new San Francisco Examiner columnist, Jay Mariotti, tweeted: “I stand with @Dan_Bernstein. Boobs have been distracting me where ever I go; Chicago, San Fran, and even that one time at my condo in LA.”

Reporters sought comments on the news from any women working at WSCR Radio, but none could be found.

Chicago Vince