Headlines were made Thursday when word broke that recently deceased Dean Smith arranged in his will that all his former UNC letterman receive $200 to put toward a nice dinner.

The most famous of all Smith’s former players, billionaire Michael Jordan, was a happy recipient of the $200, though he promptly lost it playing blackjack at a casino.

“It was great of Coach Smith to send us all that money, but I was at a $10,000 minimum table and only had $9,800 on me,” said Jordan. “Luckily the pit boss let me sign the check over to them.”

Jordan said he was feeling really good about the hand, until his luck turned.

“I had 19 and the dealer was showing a six,” said Jordan. “Total bust card, right? I pointed to the sky and said ‘I’m doubling this money for you Coach Smith.”

Unfortunately for His Airness, the dealer managed to turn his six into a 20, and win the hand.

“Coach Smith was one of the most caring people I knew,” said Jordan, “so I’m sure he’d understand.”