Always the master strategist, it shouldn’t surprise Jets fans that Rex Ryan has named the 2006 version of free agent QB Rex Grossman as the starter for Week 6 against the Broncos. At his weekly Monday morning press conference, Ryan gave the public a taste of his methodology.

“Look guys, it’s really simple,” said Ryan. “My Dad coached the Bears. They had a good defense and we have a good defense. Rex played for the Bears and almost beat Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. 2006 Grossman is due. Plus, his name is Rex, and my name is also Rex.”

2006 Rex Grossman could be a breath of fresh air for a suffocating fan base. While Geno Smith has been lulling New Yorkers to sleep with his predictable style of sub-standard play, 2006 Rex Grossman has been walking the tightrope slinging passes into triple coverage and keeping NFL fans on their toes.

“As long as we continue turning the ball over three times a game Grossman should fit in nicely,” Ryan said.

Grossman had been eager to find work in the 2014 campaign, but was also hoping never to go back to 2006.

“I still have nightmares about my performance in the Super Bowl that year and I assume it’ll only get worse once I’m finally out of the league,” said Grossman. “So it will be great to catch on with another team, even if it’s the Jets.”

R.C. Ellington