Monday morning quarterbacks throughout Chicago were busy analyzing the Bears’ heartbreaking 31-24 loss to the Panthers Sunday and everyone agreed on one thing: It was all Jay Cutler’s fault, especially Matt Forte’s critical late-game fumble that eventually cost the Bears the game.

“That one’s on Jay,” said Bill Sadowski of Cicero. “Sure, Forte ran a good 10 yards after Cutler handed him the ball, but Jay must have handed it off to him crooked or something.”

Sadowski was far from alone. The wall of Facebook group “Bears fans who hate Jay Cutler” was also littered with thousands of posts from its members blaming Cutler for things like Forte’s fumble and the Panthers’ late first-half TD, which cut the Bears lead in half and put the score at 21-14.

“I just know it was Jay’s idea for the D to switch to a prevent-style defense there,” posted Steven McGowan of Park Ridge. “Everyone knows Mel Tucker is just a figurehead and Cutler’s the one calling the shots on all aspects of the defense.”