Following Tom Brady’s outstanding performance in Sunday night’s 43-17 win over the Bengals, several major Boston sports media outlets ordered a mass-retraction of their Patriots coverage last week. In an abrupt turn of events, it appears that the sports media members of Boston do in fact support their long-time quarterback unconditionally, and do not in fact believe that the sun has set on his illustrious career.

When asked for a statement, the Boston Globe’s chief editor replied, “We love Tom Brady. 100 percent of our Patriots coverage last week was taken out of context.”

When asked if he believed that Brady may have caught wind of some of their negative evaluations from last week, the Globe’s editor laughed nervously, “I’m sure he knew that it was all a misunderstanding; right? Do you think he’s mad?”

What remains to be seen is if the die-hard Patriots fan base will realize the gaffe that was made. For many of them, the Jimmy Garoppolo era had already begun last Tuesday morning, thanks in large part to the local media’s assurance that they’d be foolish to keep clinging on to the memories of Boston’s Golden Boy. A social media poll last week showed that 78 percent of Patriots fans had already posted on their Facebook pages that Brady’s time was up in New England, and that they had “seen this coming for a long time now.”

According to a Facebook spokesperson, 91 percent of those posts were edited or deleted in the moments following Brady’s opening touchdown drive against the Bengals.


R.C. Ellington