If you were lucky enough to watch ESPN earlier this week, or ESPN 2, or ESPN3.com, then you witnessed firsthand as action-movie star Hugh Jackman left the sports world speechless. During an interview with Linda Cohn on ESPN’s First Take, as well as on NFL Live, and later again on the Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose jam-Packed Variety Hour and Cooking Show, Hugh Jackman described in vivid detail which X-Men Mutants would make the best football players.

For Jackman, who loves American rules football even though he’s from another country as he repeatedly pointed out to Linda Cohn, the insight was nothing short of amazing. First he maintained that Beast would make a great short-yardage running back because he had such strength. Next Jackman explained that Kitty Pride would make a fantastic wide-receiver because she was so saavy at finding open space far far away from angry defenders. Finally, Jackman said that the Big Three of Rogue, Mystique and Colossus would all be great on the Offensive Line because X-Men, like any Superbowl champion know the real value of teamwork.

Ever the humble statesman, Jackman even said that it would be great if a hard-nosed working class team with blue collar roots such as the Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers called upon the services of a player like Wolverine.

Fresh off of the overwhelming success of Hugh Jackman’s interviews, ESPN fans were waiting breathlessly for Friday when Drew Barrymore would be on the set of Pardon the Interruption as well as Inside College Basketball to discuss how the best teams are usually Blended, like the team she’s personally rooted for the past 55 years, the New Orleans Pelicans.