TMZ is reporting that embattled Clippers owner Donald Sterling was gloating after¬†his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Before getting into his black stretch limousine, Sterling was seen pumping his fist. Asked for comment, Stern flashed a grin and bellowed, “Nailed it!” Rubbing his hands together, he then added, “The truth now is out. The other NBA owners will see my side and we can put this story to rest. Everyone will see this was a misunderstanding. I look forward to Commissioner Silver’s apology in the morning.”

Sterling had more critical comments about Dodgers co-owner and NBA Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson. When pressed for further comments, Sterling was forthcoming.

“Magic’s a good man … well he’s done nothing for the city of Los Angeles, like I have. Just ask the NAACP,” said Sterling. “I have an award from them, you know. Has Magic ever been awarded from that organization? He needs to learn to give back to the community like I have always done. Also I’ve got over 1,000 wins as an owner. How many wins does he have? 100? Did you know his real name isn’t even Magic? It’s Irving. It’s time people heard the truth about him.”

Sterling then got into his limousine. As it was driving away, he¬†lowered the window. “Oh tell my silly rabbit, Trix aren’t just for kids.” He winked.