In a move that has shocked foodies throughout the city, Doug Sohn, the owner of the sausage emporium and gourmet hot dog stand, Hot Doug’s, has announced on his website that his iconic eatery will embark on a “permanent vacation” on Oct. 4 to coincide with yet another year where the Cubs will not be featured in the playoffs.

A statement released by Sohn read in part, “While I have been providing gourmet cuisine at affordable prices for years now, the Cubs have only made two postseason appearances since I’ve opened this location in 2004.  What’s the point in providing duck fat french fries and foie gras sausages in a city whose baseball team is so hopeless?  I have decided I need to do something new with my time, like possibly rooting for the White Sox.”

While Hot Doug’s, which has famously been featured on shows such as “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” and is known for its long lines, will continue to serve the community for the remainder of the season, their last hot dog will be sold on October 3rd, which will be almost exactly where another lackluster Cubs season is guaranteed to end.

Jeff GoodSmith