After leaving Wednesday’s win over the Blues with a lower-body injury, Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has decided to sit out the remainder of the season until the playoffs begin to ensure that he ends his 2013-2014 regular season campaign with 69 points in 69 games.

Kane, who has 29 goals and 40 assists so far this season, incessantly giggled throughout his press conference after the game, where he stated, “Sure, it’s always been a dream of mine to have the number, heh heh, 69 appear in my stat sheet at the end of an NHL season, ever since I was in high school. And to have it appear not only in terms of games played, but in total points as well? Well, you can understand my excitement. But, no, really the important thing is that I make sure to rest up so I can come back healthy for the playoffs.”

When asked about the extent of his injury, and how effective he expects to be if he comes back for the playoffs, Kane simply teetered, “He he. 69 points. Heh. Get it, guys?”


Jeff GoodSmith