During the 2014 season, the Chicago Cubs will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field with special promotions, unique memorabilia and exciting events. To commemorate “A Century of Magical Moments,” the team announced the 100 greatest times that have occurred at the Friendly Confines.

Listed as the 53rd greatest moment was “That One Time Shawon Dunston Didn’t Swing at a Two-Strike Slider in the Dirt About Four Feet from Home Plate.”

“I remember it well,” Dunston told Cubs.com. “It was against the Mets in 1986. Doc Gooden struck me out swinging three times that day and I was determined not to do it again.”

Unfortunately, Dunston took Gooden’s next pitch, a 96 MPH plate-center heater, for a called third strike.

Other great moments include No. 67, when Mark Grace crushed an unopened pack of Marlboro’s stored in the back pocket of his uniform pants while sliding into home plate; No. 83, Manny Alexander drove Sammy Sosa’s Land Rover into a fire hydrant on Waveland Avenue; and No. 91, during a cage match under the right-field stands, Kyle Farnsworth finished with a sunset flip while getting Todd Hundley to submit in less than one minute using the camel-clutch.