Outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has taken a vow of silence until after he plays in Feb. 2’s Super Bowl.

“As my teammates and I head into the biggest game of our careers, it wouldn’t be right for me to hog the limelight,” said Sherman, whose postgame rant has dominated headlines since Sunday night’s thrilling NFC Championship win over San Francisco. “That’s why I’m going silent from here on out. No ranting interviews. No Tweets. No columns. No endorsements. No nothing.”

Sherman said he was aware a lot of people would be disappointed by his lack of communication heading into the pre-Super Bowl media frenzy. He has a plan for that.

“I know people are upset by my decision,” said Sherman. “That’s why I’m going to hold a press conference every two hours between now and kickoff to give the media and all of America — dare I say the world — a chance to hear first-hand why I’ve decided to take this bold path.”

Added Sherman: “I also promise to limit the number of ‘You mad bro?’ to five times per news conference. I’m also not going to reference my epic rant directed at Skip Bayless. You’re going to have to Google that to find it.”